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Settala Gas SpA was founded in 1966 by Giovanni Nava who started the company as a storage and distribution point for LPG.

The most significant moment was the creation of the purification plant of ecological aerosol propellants anticipating of years, with intuition, the ban on CFC propellants responsible for the reduction of atmospheric ozone layer. Another milestone in the development of the company was then the realization of a distillation column for the production of high purity hydrocarbons and the set up of a laboratory for scientific purposes thereby providing the company access to new markets.

In subsequent years Settala Gas has continued its work of purification and refining of LPG for applications in specialty gases and aerosols propellants. Following this, activities have become the heart of the company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon propellants branded PURIFAIR and hydrocarbon pure gases with high purities for scientific and laboratory uses.

Another key area of Settala Gas' activities is the production of hydrocarbon refrigerants, branded PURIFRIGOR, a valid, economical and ecological substitute for CFC, HCFC and HFC. Part of the PURIFRIGOR range is R290 and R600a, environmentally friendly refrigerants widely used by manufacturers of domestic and industrial refrigerators.

Settala Gas S.p.A. runs a fully equipped analytical chemical laboratory that allows testing all products marketed both for purity and for the calibration of any mixtures required by customers. In this way Settala Gas can check at any time the quality of the products ready for shipment and thanks to this equipment is capable of calibrating mixtures to satisfy customer requirements.

We believe that the main reason for Settala Gas' success was to be immediately producers and not only distributors having the greatest flexibility in meeting all requirements as well as being able to ensure in all cases the highest quality of products supplied.

Strategies that have proven most useful in time were:

  • Efficiency and constant upgrade of facilities
  • At a very delicate moment for the market that meant changing from an easy to manage non-flammable CFC propellant to a flammable hydrocarbon propellant, the company has accompanied customers through the conversion: swapping of facilities, training on safety and products' formulation, thus creating a relationship of loyalty with customers and establishing itself as a landmark in the new market.

The commitment was not done only by the company but working closely with the sector association to disseminate technical, regulatory and applications of these new propellants.

Settala Gas is a founding member of AIA (Italian Association for Aerosol) and has always been active in promoting aerosol products for the undoubted benefit to the environment resulting from the use of natural products such as light hydrocarbons. The production and marketing of alternative products to the CFC was a major step towards the development of Settala Gas.

The element that makes our company unique is the presence of the distillation column, currently leading in the production of pure hydrocarbon gases and hydrocarbon refrigerants in Europe.

The company has developed a renovation program of all equipment for a further increased product quality and compliance with all safety regulations and respect for the environment.

We wish particularly to note the increase in productivity, achieved through new facilities, primarily a new distillation column installed in 2002, and modern methods that allow us today to cope with a large degree of assurance to the wider market demands.

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