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Natural gas extraction - Natural gas fields in Italy

settala gas

The term natural gas refers to hydrocarbons and gases such as nitrogen, propane, carbon dioxide and butane that are present in higher or lower percentages depending on the formation process and the origin of the gas.
Among the most known natural gases, there is methane, a colourless and odourless hydrocarbon present in nature in the fossil state and often together with oil. Methane is formed by decomposition of organic matter and with processes that last millions of years.
Natural gas and methane are the same thing as the first one is composed for 90% by methane; however it should not be confused with LPG. Methane is a simple hydrocarbon with 4 hydrogen atoms and 1 carbon atom, LPG is made up of various hydrocarbons including butane and propane, it is in liquid form and is suitable for transport over long distances.
Today, methane is distributed in Italy with a widespread network that reaches every area of the country and satisfies residential energy needs in a practical and efficient manner.

Natural gas extraction – The location

As mentioned, natural gas is found underground in underground deposits on land or under the seabed and is extracted with drills, which extract the gaseous substance and bring it to treatment plants. In other cases, natural gas can be obtained from the decomposition of waste or the spoilage of biological materials in swamps.
Farm animals also produce methane gas through digestive processes, which generate waste substances.
Natural gas fields are mostly found in Russia, Qatar, Algeria, Iran, the USA and parts of Central Asia. The extracted gas is then sold to various countries including Italy, where customers can contract a supply with a seller in the free market.
The transport, instead, takes place with the RNG (National Gas Pipeline Network), which supplies local distributors, thermoelectric power plants and large industries. The regional network is entrusted to various distributors who control transportation to end customers and local interconnection points, as well as gas meters.

Natural gas used for - Purpose

To date, natural gas is used for many domestic and industrial activities and especially for:

  • heating;
  • cooking food;
  • Production of domestic hot water;
  • Fuel for motor vehicles;
  • Production of electrical energy.
Everyone in the home has a boiler or water heater for winter air conditioning and hot water heating for the bathroom and kitchen. In addition to this, natural gas is used in stovetops to prepare food. The only disadvantage of gas is linked to the production of carbon dioxide, which contributes to increasing the greenhouse effect: however, natural gas is less polluting than other fossil fuels such as oil and coal, even if there are more environmentally sustainable solutions for reducing the carbon footprint.

Natural gas fields in Italy

Recently, the issue of natural gas extraction is at the centre of attention and Italy is rich in this element, although not extracting it. Just the extraction of Italian gas to kilometer zero is one of the points on which it has been discussed for years for the effects on the economy and for the possibility of relieving the national energy bill.
There is a long way to go given that in 2021 Italian gas extraction was only 3.34 billion cubic meters, equal to 18.6% less than in 2020 according to MITE sources. This is a real trifle if we consider that gas consumption at national level is equal to 76.1 cubic meters with a constant increase and that all gas is imported primarily from Russia and Algeria.
Not only that: the cost of imported gas is equal to 1 euro against an estimated cost of just 5 cents for the gas extracted in Italy.
In conclusion, a national solution is needed to the problem of gas supplies, which today are at the centre of the debate due to increases in bills and the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian crisis. For this reason, there is talk of increasing drilling in the Adriatic and leading to greater extraction of domestic gas.
In this context Settala Gas is a key player in the processing and distribution of hydrocarbons for industry in particular. Contact us to learn more!