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settala gas



  • 1966
    Our history begins in 1966 as a storage and distribution point for LPG. settala gas freccia
  • 1969
    Creation of a qualification plant of ecological aerosol propellants to produce and innovate in a sustainable way. settala gas freccia
  • 1980
    We are already in compliance with the Montréal protocol, an ecological green concept.
  • 1985
    A milestone in the development of the company was then the realization of a distillation column for the production of high purity hydrocarbons. settala gas freccia
  • 1988
    The new brand PURIFAIR was born. PURIFAIR The product line of PURIFAIR is made blending n-Butane, Propane and iso-Butane to cover all pressures and formulations needs specific to every Customer.
  • 2001
    The distillation unit was renewed. We are already in compliance with the Tokyo protocol. The Kyoto Protocol is an international environmental treaty concerning global warming. settala gas freccia


map distribution settala gas



The most significant moment was the creation of the purification plant of ecological aerosol propellants anticipating of years, with intuition, the ban on CFC propellants responsible for the reduction of atmospheric ozone layer. Another milestone in the development of the company was then the realization of a distillation column for the production of high purity hydrocarbons and the set up of a laboratory for scientific purposes thereby providing the company access to new markets.


We believe that producing ecological hydrocarbons and increasing their usage in a sustainable way can be possible. It is a constant challenge for us to ensure that natural resources are used in a responsible way and that research and experimentation are constantly conducted. Our ethical and environmental commitment leads to our goal of becoming a landmark in the market for what concerns new ecological ways of utilizing pure hydrocarbon gases. As a matter of fact, we aim to produce and distribute our products in a way that is coherent with the dissemination of our missiwhich is to succeed in using products that are environmentally friendly and that can create clear skies. This way, the earth wlook beautiful, even tomorrow.


The primary goals of our activity are reaching high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. How do we obtain perfect results? By combining a life-long experience with modern technology.

As a matter of fact we have:
. an avant-garde distillation column
. a cold filtration system with 18 tanks
. storage and processing tanks
. a modern chemical laboratory
. auxiliary safety systems