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settala gas

Settala Gas - A long history in hydrocarbon production


  • 1966
    The history of Settala Gas looks back to 1966 as a warehouse and distribution point for LPG. settala gas freccia
  • 1969
    Afterwards it became a qualified plant for aerosol propellants. The main goals are both gas production and innovation in the field of hydrocarbons. settala gas freccia
  • 1980
    Throughout its activity, Settala Gas, and in particular since 1980, has complied with the Montreal Protocol regulations and is characterized by its great attention to green and ecological aspects.
  • 1985
    A key point in the development of the historic company was the construction of distillation columns for the production of hydrocarbons with a high degree of purity, which took place in 1985. settala gas freccia
  • 1988
    PURIFAIR brand was born in 1988, a line of products made by mixing n-butane, propane and iso-butane to meet the needs of specific pressures and formulations for each customer.
  • 2001
    This brings us to the 2000s. 2001 Settala Gas renews the distillation unit for the production of hydrocarbons in compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty relating to global warming. settala gas freccia

Settala Gas – Supplied countries

map distribution settala gas


Settala Gas - The plant

One of the most important moments in the history of Settala Gas was the creation of the purification plant for ecological aerosol propellants, anticipating by years, with intuition, the ban on CFC engines responsible for reducing the ozone hole. This was followed by the creation of distillation columns for the production of hydrocarbons with a high degree of purity and the construction of a laboratory for scientific research, which guaranteed the company access to new markets.

Settala Gas and environmental protection

Those who work in Settala Gas believe that it is possible to produce ecological hydrocarbons and increase the use of these gases in a sustainable way and with attention to the environment. Settala Gas's main challenge is to ensure that natural resources are used responsibly, thanks to continuous research and experimentation. It is not a coincidence that Settala Gas's commitment is to become a market leader for the use of hydrocarbon gases in a new and ecological way, giving life to eco-friendly products that respect the planet, to make the Earth a wonderful place to live. Today but also in the future.

Settala Gas certifications

Settala Gas's goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by producing high-level hydrocarbons and this result is achieved by combining long experience in the sector and the use of modern technologies. Settala Gas hydrocarbon production and LPG distribution plant includes:

. A state-of-the-art distillation column
. A cold filtration system with 18 tanks
. Storage and transformation tanks
. A modern chemical laboratory
. Auxiliary safety systems