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settala gas


settala gas

Gas cylinders - Characteristics

The LPG or liquefied petroleum gas in the gas cylinder represents a mixture of Butane and Propane...

22 Luglio 2022

settala gas

Alkenes and alkynes - Aromatic compounds

Aromatic compounds refer to all hydrocarbons that contain multiple aromatic rings in their...

06 Luglio 2022

settala gas

Renewable and non-renewable energy – Difference

Since ancient times, man has been using the resources provided by the Earth to survive and produce...

21 Giugno 2022

settala gas

Unsaturated hydrocarbons - Definition

When discussing hydrocarbons, it is important to keep in mind the distinction between saturated...

07 Giugno 2022

settala gas

Oil and hydrocarbons – Difference | Settala Gas

We are all well aware of the importance of oil, which represents one of the main raw materials of...

30 Maggio 2022

settala gas

Aliphatic hydrocarbons - Definition

In organic chemistry, the term aliphatic is used to identify organic compounds that are not part of...

11 Maggio 2022

settala gas

Rubber Hose for Hydrocarbons – Main Uses

Hydrocarbons refer to compounds that require a special rubber hose for transportation, as seen on...

06 Aprile 2022

settala gas

Tank vehicles – Definition and Production

Who of us has never crossed roads and highways with tankers for the transport of fuel, gasoline or...

20 Aprile 2022

settala gas

Gas storage – Process and Importance

Italy with the Proposed Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (PNIEC) sent to the...

23 Marzo 2022

settala gas

Hydrocarbons transport - How does it work?

The transport of hydrocarbons over long distances is faced with two different solutions: on the one...

08 Marzo 2022

settala gas

Halogenated hydrocarbons - Definition

The term halogenated hydrocarbon refers to a hydrocarbon that contains one or more halogen atoms...

23 Febbraio 2022

settala gas

Difference between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons

The hydrogen content has an impact on the chemical behaviour of hydrocarbons and gas producers such...

08 Febbraio 2022

settala gas

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - Definition

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are known by the acronym PAHs or PAHs and are hydrocarbons whose...

26 Gennaio 2022

settala gas

Boom in the bill: why does methane gas cost more?

In recent months, we have seen the cost of gas skyrocket and bills rise, with the result that...

11 Gennaio 2022

settala gas

Eco-friendly refrigerator - How to reduce consumption

Among Settala Gas products, you will find refrigerants and refrigerators as one essential household...

23 Dicembre 2021

settala gas

Atmospheric emissions in Italy - Data

The trend of greenhouse gas emissions in Italy in the last 28 years is positive and the 2018...

09 Dicembre 2021

settala gas

Safety and environmental protection: Settala Gas' core values

At Settala Gas we strongly believe in the production of green hydrocarbons and their use to promote...

22 Ottobre 2021

settala gas

The history of the refrigerator told by who works in Settala

Who works in Settala Gas knows well the history of the refrigerator, started in early ‘600...

05 Ottobre 2021

settala gas

Settala and the ecological aerosol

The idea of aerosol, a substance obtained under pressure that escapes from a valve, was released by...

24 Settembre 2021

settala gas

Everything about hydrocarbons- what do you know about them?

More and more frequently we hear about hydrocarbons, that are used for the functioning of boilers,...

05 Settembre 2021

settala gas

Settala Gas at Chillventa 2018

Specialists from the refrigeration, AC & ventilation, architects and building services planners...

11 Ottobre 2018

settala gas

Visit our brand new website

Welcome to our new website! We provide more than 70 countries all over the world, so we...

08 Ottobre 2018

settala gas

Our new company profile's video is out now!

After a long work, we are glad to announce our company profile's video release! You can...

01 Settembre 2018