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The history of the refrigerator told by who works in Settala

05 Ottobre 2021

settala gas
Who works with Settala Gas knows very well the history of refrigerator, that had started in early ‘600 with the ice sellers. Let’s discover the refrigeration industry!

Who works in Settala Gas knows well the history of the refrigerator, started in early ‘600 with the ice sellers. The ice was extracted from mountain areas, transported in a cart and cutted with a saw, according to customers’ requests for its use during the summer. Subsequently started to appear the first domestic refrigerators, realized with wood and covered with tin and zinc. It consisted in a cupboard used to contain ice blocks and to keep the food fresh. From here has its origin the diffusion of that object which, nowadays, is an unfailing household appliance in Italian’s homes.

From wood cupboard to electric refrigerator

The invention of electric refrigerator is attributable to Fred W. Wolf, who invented it in 1913, but was unsuccessful. Two years later, Alfred Mellow created the first electric and independent domestic refrigerator, with a compressor then produced by General Motors. Is so that has origin the popular diffusion of refrigerator, with a sale of over than one million pieces. Curiosity? Few people know that also Albert Einstein has dedicated himself to refrigerators, and patented it in 1930, with the name Einstein’s Refrigerator. 

From freezer to the modern refrigerator

Only during the 40s appeared the first domestic freezer, invented by Westye F. Bakke, in 1943 in his home basement and, from 50s and 60s the product includes the automatic defrosting. In the same years appear the first household appliances with refrigerator and icebox. In Italy the so- called Revolution of Coldness has started during 50s, thanks to the Italian businessman Giovanni Borghi, owner of the Ignis, that will produce refrigerators. This product become the symbol of the Italian economical boom with the Vespa and, even now, is presented all houses. During the last years the big refrigerator’s producers connect the device with internet, and they let him to communicate with smartphones to know its expiry, food supplies and to help people making the shopping list. 

Settala Gas and the refrigerant hydrocarbons gases

From over years Settala Gas commercializes refrigerant hydrocarbons gases with the brand PURI|FRIGOR characterized by a pureness of 99,5%. These refrigerants are sustainable and ecological, they don’t impact the atmosphere and are more efficient and less expensive compared to other gases used in refrigeration as HCFC/ HFC.

Considering the best performance from the energetic perspective with low environment impact, the hydrocarbons propane, n-butane, isobutane (and their mixtures) are the most recommended by the installers in refrigeration’s area. Among the application sectors of Settala Gas’ refrigerant hydrocarbons there are:

  • Freezer and domestic refrigerators;
  • Supermarket refrigerated counters;
  • Industrial refrigeration systems and cold rooms;
  • Domestic and industrial air conditioner systems;
  • Containers and refrigerated transport;
  • Air conditioner for vehicles

Nowadays anyone can do without the coldness industry and Settala Gas present itself as a point of reference in the sector, for the offer of refrigerant gases with its brand PURI | FRIGO. Contact us to know more about it.  

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