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Everything about hydrocarbons- what do you know about them?

05 Settembre 2021

settala gas
More and more frequently we hear about hydrocarbons used as fuel, but a small number of people know their properties. Let's find more info!

More and more frequently we hear about hydrocarbons, that are used for the functioning of boilers, stoves and other devices used to heat the environment. However few people know what exactly they are, what's the use and properties that they have. Let's try to clarify.


What are the hydrocarbons?

Hydrocarbons are organic compounds in which carbon atoms are unit with hydrogen atoms through covalent bounds, that are part of organic compounds, free of the functional group. According to how many carbon atoms are presented in the molecular structure we get different types of hydrocarbons. With only one atom we obtaine the methane gas, with two atoms the ethyne, the acetylene, ethylene, ethene or ethane, that gradually increase the number of carbon atoms and, consequently, hydrogen atoms create different hydrocarbons.


Where we can find the hydrocarbons?

The main source of hydrocarbons is a fossil origin; these fuels are a result of the natural transormation, below the ground level, of an organic substance that was formed milions years ago. Gradually , when we dig them deeply, we can found hydrocarbons with a stable structure, which is rich on carbon, but we also have those in a gaseous, liquid or semi-solid state. In the group of gaseous hydrocarbons we  can find methane, propane and butane, while asphalt and bitumen contain solid and semi- solid hydrocarbons.

Among the hydrocarbons, on the liquid state we find crude oil.  The most common way to get hydrocarbons is the petroleum refining, that afford us to have a mixture of combustibles, lubrificants and other products.


Properties of hydrocarbons

The main difference betwwen each type of hydrocarbons stays in the physical state, pressure level and ambiental temperatures. In this case we have:

- Solid and semi solid hydrocarbons, such as asphalt, bitumen and paraffin waxes;

- Liquid hydrocarbons, such as benzene, hexane and octane;

- Gaseous hydrocarbons, such as methane, ethane, propane and butane.


According to the chemical property we can divide them in:

- Aromatic hydrocarbons, with chemical properties derived by the benzine ring

- Aliphatic hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon chains free of double bonds and aromatic rings .


Settala gas and our selection of hydrocarbons

Since 1966 Settala gas deals with the process of distillation and treatment of gas hydrocarbons, and manage a modern production plant to satisfy each customenrs' needs. For over 40 years Settala gas offers compatitive solutions and an efficient service according with the standards. The range of hydrocarbons is perfect for different uses, and that's why we recommend you to visit our website and contact us for every information. Hydrocarbons are essential components for human activities and Settala gas knows it perfectly, representing a point of reference in this sector.

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