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settala gas

Tank vehicles – Definition and Production

20 Aprile 2022

settala gas
If you are looking for a company specializing in the transport of hydrocarbons, Settala Gas is the right partner. Contact us for more information!

Who of us has never crossed roads and highways with tankers for the transport of fuel, gasoline or diesel? These trailers are also used for the transport of hydrocarbons, entrusted to specialized companies such as Settala Gas. These vehicles can contain up to 40,000 liters of material.

Generally, the tank has a cylindrical body specially designed for the transport of liquids and gases and the dangerous content requires that this vehicle is designed with extreme care and there are specialized drivers at the helm.

Tank vehicles - Technical characteristics 

In order to guarantee the safety of transport, tank trucks and tank vehicles are made of resistant stainless steel and are insulated, pressurized and galvanized for maximum protection. In addition, to ensure the safety of transportation, the goods are entrusted to specialized drivers who undergo strict training and examinations that aim to ensure their safety, that of the cargo being transported and that of other drivers.

Driving a tanker truck is a task reserved for drivers who, while driving, know how to keep the load of the vehicle balanced and avoid abrupt maneuvers and sudden braking or acceleration. In order to obtain a better load balancing, tanker vehicles are equipped with multi-axle trailers and fitted with several sets of wheels for greater contact with the asphalt. 

In addition to this, to reduce tire wear, the rear axle can be lifted when the tank is empty. Inside, the cylindrical tank is divided into compartments for balancing the vehicle and equipped with sensors that inform the driver of the quantity of the load. When refuelling, a valve in each compartment opens mechanically through a switch located underneath the vehicle.

Tanker vehicles - Usage

Tankers transport hydrocarbons and gas, but not only fuel. Few people know that milk is also transported by tank vehicles insulated with fibreglass, while tanks for transporting flammable liquids are reinforced to withstand the strong pressure caused by gases and are generally divided into small tanks inside the supporting cylinder.

Finally, there are also tank vehicles transporting water and in this case, in order to avoid movements that could destabilize the vehicle in motion, especially in curves, the tanks are entirely divided into compartments.

Safety in the transport of hydrocarbons

Settala Gas has always used tank vehicles for the transport of hydrocarbons and focuses on safety. For this reason, the tankers and vehicles used by us optimize the payload considering the weight of the truck to avoid accidents and are used to transport liquid products and hazardous materials. Safety is fundamental for us and to avoid any risk the tanker vehicles are characterized by

  • Battery easily accessible from the back and outside of the cab
  • Flame guard on the exhaust pipe
  • Pre-equipped with a highlighted ADR plate, which specifies the type and danger level of the goods transported
  • Tire pressure control system
  • Seat with longitudinal suspension to prevent swaying

If you are looking for a company specialized in hydrocarbon transport, Settala Gas is the partner. Contact us for more information!

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