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Eco-friendly refrigerator - How to reduce consumption

23 Dicembre 2021

settala gas
Among Settala Gas products, you will find refrigerants and refrigerators as one essential household appliance. Discover here some tips for use!

Among Settala Gas products, you will find refrigerants and refrigerators as one essential household appliance. However, to make your own contribution to safeguarding the environment, it is important to choose an eco-friendly refrigerator of class A+, A++ or A+++

Certainly, this is a more expensive product, but over time, it allows you to save on your energy bills as long as you position and use the refrigerator correctly. Find out here how to use your refrigerator in an ecological and economical way.

Refrigerator - An essential household appliance

Refrigerators are an extraordinary invention as they allow food to be preserved for a long time and have replaced salting and drying in the past. In 1800, ice and snow were used in domestic iceboxes; in the 50's - those of the economic boom - refrigerators became common in homes.

Because of the high costs, at the beginning it was a product for few people. New technologies allowed this invention to be available for all families. Some Data show that nowadays 25 million refrigerators are in use throughout Italy.

Eco-friendly refrigerator - How to set it properly

If you want to use your refrigerator in an eco-friendly way, it is important to follow some tips to improve the performance of the appliance and make an optimal use of it. These are the main tips 

- Place the refrigerator away from heat sources.

- Distance the refrigerator from surrounding walls to help heat dispersion and leave a space of at least 5 cm on the sides and 10 cm in height.

Eco-friendly refrigerator - How to use it

For a perfectly functioning refrigerator, it is important to clean the frost inside, even if the no frost ones do not present this problem thanks to the ventilation system. 

Do not put in very hot foods and drinks, which heat up the refrigerator and increase consumption for maintaining the ideal temperature. It is also a good idea to regularly clean the ventilation grilles, the internal compartment and eliminate packaging to avoid energy loss.

Open the refrigerator door as little as possible in order not to force the compressor to overwork. Avoid piling up products to allow cold air to circulate and cover liquids not to increase humidity in the appliance. The thermostat should always be set between 3 and 5°C.

To conclude, a correct use of the refrigerator allows consuming in an efficient way, with lighter bills and contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. With regard to the production of refrigerant gases, Settala Gas is the reference point for producers and maintainers of the refrigeration industry. Come and discover our natural refrigerant gases for refrigerators and refrigerated counters!


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