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settala gas

Settala Gas refrigerant gases – Why them

settala gas

The history of refrigerant gases looks back to 1834 and in the nineteenth century were used natural gases with compounds of water, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon ethers. From 1912 appeared nitrous oxide and in 1920 were born refrigerators that worked with ethane and propane, substances that change state and maintain low temperature.
However, due to their dangerousness in the 30s these fluids are replaced by other safer, chemically stable and with good thermodynamic properties, but non-toxic, non-flammable and low cost. These are the chlorinated fluids composed of chlorine and fluorine: CFC-11 (R11), CFC-12 (R12) and, later, HCFC22 (R22) and R502 (mixture of HCFC-22 and CFC-115).
Fluorocarbons are synthetic refrigerants, i.e. they are not found in nature but are produced by man thanks to the chemical industry, and they are derivatives of hydrocarbons such as methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6). However, they are gases with a high impact on the ozone hole and on the greenhouse effect and for this reason they have been banned by the Montreal Protocol and European Regulations, as well as by the various national regulations.
Their production is still allowed only in developing countries. In other cases, HFCs have replaced CFCs and HCFCs because they are more efficient, recyclable and have no impact on the ozone layer. However, they have a high impact on the greenhouse effect and for this reason; their production is controlled based on the Kyoto Protocol.

Refrigerant gases used - Usage

The main uses of fluorocarbons are those related to the cold cycle, i.e. in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners in homes and cars, including domestic and industrial systems. In addition to these areas, refrigerant gases are used for the production of foams in the construction and automotive sectors, for fire-fighting products and as blowing agents for solar panels and insulation.
Refrigerant gases are also used in the health sector as propellant gas for aerosol drugs and sprays in general.

Settala Gas’ role in the production of refrigerant gases

Settala Gas has been specialized for over 40 years in the production of hydrocarbon refrigerant gases with a minimum purity of 99.5% sold under the brand PURI | FRIGOR. Not only. Our company is a leader in the production of 1-liter cylinders filled with R600a and R290. This is a practical product to use for the maintenance of refrigerators and air conditioning systems.
The range of refrigerant hydrocarbons of Settala Gas is safe, natural, and suitable for all the uses mentioned above, in particular for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. PURI|FRIGOR refrigerants have no harmful effects on ozone and are efficient and less expensive natural organic gases compared to some others in the refrigeration field. In addition, compared to HCFC/HFC refrigerant gases they save energy and are environmentally friendly. The result?
CO2 emissions can be reduced and help to protect the environment. Contact us for more information on the refrigerant gases PURI | FRIGOR of Settala Gas.