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settala gas

Discovering special gases - Properties and uses

settala gas

Settala Gas produces and sells special gases in Italy and Europe and has been a reference point in the industry for over 40 years with customers in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, environmental and electronic sectors. In particular, we are specialised in the production of pure and ultra-pure gases, gas mixtures and the selling of industrial and specialty gases. Pure gases are special gases with purity up to 99.999% and constant chemical and physical characteristics over time. They are made for industrial use. Gas mixtures are used in industry and in particular in the electronic and metallurgical sectors, in lighting and in research. Settala Gas also sells industrial and specialty gases such as ethane, ethylene, methane, allene, the C4 olefin cut (cis-2-butene, trans-2-butene, 1-butene and isobutene). Ethane and ethylene find wide spaces in the field of "extreme" refrigeration (natural gas liquefaction, food freezing...). Methane is used for calibration processes, specific tests. Olefin shear in calibration processes, laboratory uses (hydrogenation, double bond functionalization). Specialty gases find their application as basic materials for the production of various products that we daily use such as: payment cards, electronic and medical equipment.

Settala Gas and the production of pure gases

Today Settala Gas is a national and European leader in the production of pure gases, intended for laboratories and industry, of the highest quality thanks to a rigorous method and great experience. The purity of the gas indicates the superior quality of the product and is expressed in percentage value or degree of purity. Pure gases are also used in the electronics industry and in this case, Settala Gas produces and sells:
- pure gases in gaseous and liquid phases in different formats (cylinders and tanks)
- macro and micro gas mixtures with purity greater than 99.995%

Settala Gas and the production of gas mixtures

In addition to pure gases Settala Gas provides customers with gas mixtures for industrial and research use. Choosing Settala means choosing a company that not only sells gases but also produces them and is therefore able to create a gas tailored to each customer, with the desired purity and packaging. Our range of hydrocarbon gases is available in purity from 99.5% to 99.9999% and there are several applications. Our precision blends ensure high quality standards for the calibration of pilot plants, production process control and environmental analysis, burners testing and exhaust gas control. Gases are also used in the industrial and scientific field of fine chemistry. We produce chemical intermediates and pharmaceutical and research propellants as well as gases for the glass and moulding industry. All this is done by focusing on the needs of the customer thanks to one of the most advanced filtration and distillation systems in the world and over 40 years of experience in the production of pure hydrocarbons. Choosing Settala Gas means getting the perfect product in terms of required purity and packaging. Contact us for more information on the special gases produced and sold by Settala Gas.