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Discovering Pure Hydrocarbons: Properties, uses and advantages

settala gas

Hydrocarbons are compounds derived from the combination of carbon and hydrogen and from pure hydrocarbons, it is possible to create other organic products by substituting one or more hydrogen atoms with other elements or atomic groupings. The simplest structure is that of methane (CH4). As the number of carbon atoms increases, it is possible to create a more and more complex skeleton with more or less diversified chains. Hydrocarbons can be open (acyclic) or closed chain (cyclic).

Acyclic hydrocarbons - Definition

Acyclic hydrocarbons are those in which the carbon atoms join to form a more or less long open chain. Hydrocarbons characterized by long chains represent the basis of those substances, which in turn are called paraffin (they are solid). Paraffin can be saturated or unsaturated. In the first case, each atom binds to the other with a simple bond. These are hydrocarbons, which do not have further capacity of addition, and by themselves have a low reactivity. In the case of unsaturated hydrocarbons, double or triple bonds appear between carbon atoms. The paraffinic chains of acyclic hydrocarbons can be linear or branched.

Gli idrocarburi puri per la formazione delle materie plastiche

A whole range of hydrocarbon products can be obtained from the distillation of petroleum. Through other particular chemical-physical processes, it is possible to obtain a whole series of products (C3 and C4 cuts) particularly appreciated for the production of plastic materials. Using the above cuts, through polymerization and polycondensation processes it is possible to form different types of polymers that can create materials:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting

Hydrocarbons - Use

Settala Gas has been producing pure hydrocarbons for more than 40 years thanks to molecular sieving and distillation systems. Our experience allows us to develop the product based on customer needs, with the required purity and preferred packaging. In particular, Settala Gas not only sells pure hydrocarbons, but also develops and produces them, offering customers a range of gases ranging from 99.5% to 99.999% purity. Examples of pure hydrocarbon applications include:

  • Specialty gases: production of very high quality precision blends for calibration of laboratory instruments, pilot plants, production process control and environmental analysis.
  • Fine chemicals: pure gases for various applications in industrial and scientific fields.
  • Pharmaceuticals: chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical propellants and research.
  • Electronics: semiconductors and production of DRAM memory modules.
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