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settala gas

Settala environmentally friendly hydrocarbons - Why to choose them

settala gas

Since 2010, CFC gases have been banned in order to protect the stratospheric ozone layer and contribute to people's well-being and survival. In particular, many ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon compounds have been banned under the Montreal Protocol, which has aimed to reduce the production of these substances since 1987. In the past, CFC gases were mainly used as refrigerants in refrigerators, but it has been shown that once released into the atmosphere they remain present for up to 50 years. This product is still present as insulating foam in buildings and household appliances built before the mid-1990s.
These are refrigerant gases with many commercial applications that contain fluorine and hydrogen atoms and were developed as a more sustainable alternative to chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, which were reduced because of the Montreal Protocol. Today they are used in air conditioners, fire extinguishers and heat pumps as well as in refrigeration.

Settala's commitment to sustainable hydrocarbon gas production

Settala has set up a plant specialising in the production of ecological aerosol propellants, anticipating by years the ban on the production of CFCs, responsible for reducing the ozone hole. In addition to this plant, the attention to sustainability is confirmed by the construction of a laboratory for scientific research, which allows the company to remain competitive and establish itself in new markets.
Settala's vision is to believe in the production of environmentally friendly hydrocarbons and to increase their use in a sustainable way. Ensuring that natural resources are used responsibly and that there is a focus on continuous research and experimentation is our challenge. Our ethical commitment is to become an example on the market for new ways of using hydrocarbon gases in an environmentally friendly way, producing and distributing eco-friendly products that are good for the environment.
In this way, we can make the Earth a wonderful place, now and for our next generation.

Environmentally friendly hydrocarbons for food use

Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon gases for food use include E943a Butane, E943b Isobutene and E944 Propane. Thanks to modern filtration and distillation systems and more than 40 years of experience in the production of pure hydrocarbon gases, Settala Gas can now deliver to customers quality ecological hydrocarbons certified to meet current regulations.
This is how the PURI|FOOD line of ecological hydrocarbons was born. It is used as a propellant for sprays for cake design, seasoning and cooling of chocolate and sugar and as a foaming agent for packaging food with polymer foam.

Environmentally friendly hydrocarbons for eco-friendly aerosol propellants

Alongside the PURI|FOOD line, PURIFAIR, the eco-friendly aerosol propellant line that is Settala Gas' historic product, has been developed. The propellant industry has always been the one with the greatest impact on the environment and every company that works with and produces hydrocarbons must be aware of its ecological responsibilities. Today environmentally friendly aerosol propellants replace the toxic and polluting gases of the past and Settala Gas has contributed to this evolution.
It is no coincidence that the company is a market leader in the technical and regulatory support required for the use of these products, and the PURIFAIR line includes environmentally compatible and ozone-friendly foaming agents.
These hydrocarbons are used to produce polyurethane and polyester foams such as PUR, PU, EPS, and XPS, applied as packaging material and for building insulation.
Since its foundation, Settala Gas has focused on the environment and sustainability and those who choose the ecological hydrocarbons we offer get not only a quality product, but also a product that does not contribute to the pollution of the planet.