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settala gas

Settala Gas - PuriFOOD products

The hydrocarbon gas production company Settala Gas has created the PuriFOOD line designed for the food industry and to ensure healthy products in line with regulations. Gases used as aerosol propellants in sprays and in the food industry and as foaming agents in packaging - polymer foam - are now considered to all intents and purposes food additives.

settala gas

Definition and applications of PuriFOOD gases

PuriFOOD by Settala Gas is the complete range of certified hydrocarbon gases for food industry and includes a healthy, regulatory compliant product line. Common food grade hydrocarbons include E943a butane, E943b isobutene, and E944 propane.

The consolidated experience and the highly developed filtration and distillation systems have allowed Settala Gas not only to produce pure hydrocarbon gases, but also to deliver to the customer a quality and certified product according to the regulations in force.

Examples of applications of PuriFOOD propellants and foaming agents include:

  • Spray for cake design
  • Sprays for seasoning
  • Chocolate and sugar cooling sprays
  • Sprays
  • Polymer foam food packaging material

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